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Zelé Aftershave Gel Non-stinging, soothing aftershave gel
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Protect and treat your skin post-shave with refreshing Zelé AfterShave Gel made with soothing and moisturizing 30% Aloe Vera.
Zelé Aftershave Gel

SKU# 1606

Protect and treat your skin post-shave with refreshing Zelé AfterShave Gel made with soothing and moisturizing 30% Aloe Vera.

Non-stinging, soothing aftershave gel

After shaving, massage a small amount of Zele' onto your skin, allowing the cool, refreshing gel to be absorbed. No need to rinse. For best results, use daily after shaving. Apply a daily moisturizer as desired.
Key Ingredients
Aloe Vera Content
30% Aloe

*Key West Aloe is Lab Certified to be 100% pure Aloe Vera with the maximum potency of polysaccharides, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals available

Reviews of Zelé Aftershave Gel

Great product (Posted on 11/14/15)
My husband has sensitive skin and Zele After Shave Gel works really well for him
Fletcher C.
ZELE (Posted on 11/11/15)
Awesome product,please bring back the large tube, the pump container wastes at least 10% of what is on the inside of the bottle. Also 12 or 24 oz would be great.
For the man who refuses it all! (Posted on 11/10/15)
I finally convinced my husband that he needed to use something on his face since he has to shave everyday for his military job. After one use of the sample, he was sold and he loves it so much, that he's asking about trying other products from the line. Worth every penny!
For the man who refuses to use anything! (Posted on 11/10/15)
My husband loves this stuff! We received it as a sample, and are so glad we did. He really never uses anything, and due to shaving everyday for the military, I finally talked him into using something for his dry skin. After one use, he was sold!
If you're not using Zele Aftershave Gel, you're missing out! (Posted on 11/7/15)
I recently starting using Zele Aftershave Gel, I love it! I will not using anything else ever again. My skin responds wonderfully to the gel, it feels cool, crisp, and hydrating. Love the pump!
I too have been using this incredible product for more than 25 yrs. I love it! (Posted on 9/29/15)
I would not use anything else on my face after shaving. However, I must second the opinion that the pump container makes it difficult to reach the product in the bottom of the bottle.
Lost without (Posted on 9/24/15)
Been using for over 10 years. Failed to reorder & ran out several years ago, bummer. Won't happen again. A wonderful finale to shaving & moisterizer aftera day in the sun.
Cool, clean, refreshing (Posted on 9/24/15)
This stuff really goes on smooth and instantly makes your skin feel cool and repaired from the daily abuse of shaving. Absorbs quickly and leaves you feeling clean.
thanks for being so GOOD (Posted on 9/5/15)
I have been using this product for YEARS. I don't know what I would use if you discontinued the Zele Gel. Thanks for keeping it sooooo good.
Wonderful! (Posted on 8/12/15)
My husband absolutely loves this product - wouldn't dream of using anything else.
Good stuff! (Posted on 8/7/15)
My boss used to use the zele aftershave and would rave about how soft and tingly it would make his face feel. I thought I would get some for my boyfriend, and that was 20 years ago. He still uses it to this day and LOVES it. And it smells so good!
Don't Rock the Boat (Posted on 8/5/15)
This is the only product I have used for the last 25 years. Love the cooling factor after a shave. Doesn't leave a bothersome residue. My only complaint is the new "pump" type dispenser. Offer both packaging offerings. Don't eliminate the one that loyal customers are accustomed to for the last 25+ years. It would be foolish to play with fire of that kind.
The Best (Posted on 8/4/15)
Zele is the only after shave balm that my husband will use! It's good for his skin and smells great, too!
Great Stuff! (Posted on 8/4/15)
Bought this for my Dad years ago when working in South Florida. He loved it and asked for it every Christmas, which was not an easy feat before the internet. Now my brother uses it so still get it. Here in the cold north is a good skin product.
Great Stuff! (Posted on 8/4/15)
Bought this for my Dad years ago when working in South Florida. He loved it and asked for it every Christmas, which was not an easy feat before the internet. Now my brother uses it so still get it. Here in the cold north is a good skin product.
Great Product (Posted on 8/3/15)
This is the only product my husband will put on his face. He will not put on any other lotion or aftershave. He has been using this for 10 years, ever since we were in Key West on our honeymoon. We visited the store and purchased several products, and he has been hooked on this gel ever since. The old tube packaging was better, I think you got more product, but I still continue to purchase this for him.
Best of the best (Posted on 8/3/15)
I have been using Zele for so long I can not remember. I do recall that it was when I crossed the original 7 Mile Bridge to get to KW. Been back dozens of times since and always lot up with the only products that always work. Use the tanning, hair, shaving, skin and also the pet products, the very best stuff! Glad you brought back the 8 oz tubes......please rush they back into stock!
The best product-but pump doesn't travel or fit well in toilet article bag--return and/or include tube (Posted on 8/3/15)
The best&only product I have used for 20 plus years. I will move to five(5) stars when the tube returns!
Soothing (Posted on 8/3/15)
I've used Zele and Zelex for the past 15 years and love both.

The issues with the bottle don't seem to bother me as much as others. It's almost easier with the pump to dispense the amount you need.

I'll continue buying this regardless of the packaging because it really does sooth your face after a shave.
Better in the Pump (Posted on 8/3/15)
I have been using this product for many years; through several changes in the the tube's appearance. Then, recently it was only avaiable in the pump which I thought I would hate but I was wrong. Not only is it neater but much easier to use when you are near the end.
Great product but go back to the tubes (Posted on 8/3/15)
Great product and I would give it 5 stars except for the new pump bottle, hate it. I agree with many of the other reviewers, go back to the tube.
Go back to tubes; mix up the coloring better (Posted on 6/1/15)
I've been a faithful customer since 1980 and have used Zele aftershave gel/balm for almost that long --- but in tube form. I am using the new pump form, but not by choice. I'm not a fan of it. Currently, as the bottle's contents diminish, I am forced to keep the bottle on its side and unscrew it each morning to get to the contents. Not what I had in mind. When the pump worked earlier, I was careful to check the mirror for the "little blue dot" that seemed to appear on my face, due to the product partially drying out on the pump's tip. Personally, I prefer the former tube form. While you are at it, feel free to cut down on the green dye you had used. It didn't mix that well and isn't really that necessary. You have great products, but you do need to listen more to your loyal customers --- if you want them as loyal customers.
I totally agree with Kenneth, GO BACK TO THE TUBE!!!!! (Posted on 5/17/15)
On a visit to your Key West store back in 1990, I purchase your Zele Aftershave Gel, 8 oz. tube and have been using it since. I will be 73 years old very soon and don't have a wrinkle on my face. I also spend alot of time in the sun.
Newer is not better (Posted on 3/19/15)
Great product - have used it for over 25 years

Your new packaging is terrible

Bring back the green tube that we all knew and loved - it did not leak, it did not burst, it traveled well
Great Product (Posted on 3/14/15)
I am a dermatologist and I have used Zele over 25 years. The original tube was the best. Updated tube leaked air and product at top. Pump is horrible! Get your packaging right!
Absolutely love this product! (Posted on 3/9/15)
While on travel to Key West in 1999, the hotel had a sample of this aftershave gel...I've been hooked eversince
Excellent Product (Posted on 3/9/15)
I get compliments about my skin and it's youthful appearance all the time. I highly recommend this product.
Zele Aftershave Gel (Posted on 11/19/14)
Have used Zele aftershave gel for 36 years. The packaging salesman who sold KWA on changing this product to the 6oz Pump must also sell band instruments. It is difficult to dispense, (pump easily tips over), and then you play "Where's the green Lump?" Please, put it back in the tube. If you have to go back to a 6 or 7oz tube at the same price, that's OK. We understand profit margins. Zele Aftershave; Great product, bad packaging.
What a disappointment!!! (Posted on 11/14/14)
After twenty years the repackaging is a bust. Bad decision to change. They said so it fits in med cabinet. Nonsense. Leaved debris on spigot that gets hard, can't pump last third, time consuming. Went to AXE for new after shave gel it is great and has a terrific easy pump dispenser plus you can see how much left. Get with it Key West !!!!!
Great product (Posted on 10/29/14)
I have been using this product even before it was in the current container. Although that may be different, the product is the best men's product in your line. I would not consider any other after shave other than this product.
Best on the Market (Posted on 10/29/14)
nothing compares to this product..soothing eases razor burn heals scrapes THE BEST
The whole family uses this product. (Posted on 10/23/14)
I started buying this as a gift for my Dad, then once I was married, my husband. Now my grown sons,my daughter and I use the product. I suppose you can say it's a family tradition.
Terrible Dispenser - Go Back to the Tube (Posted on 10/16/14)
I have used Zele for many years, but hate the new dispenser. Tough for traveling, wasteful and dispenses small hard "noogies". Please go back to the tube!!!
The Pump is wasteful (Posted on 10/12/14)
I have used this product for years…but now that it comes with a useless pump…I give it only 2 stars…because the gel is superior. The pump becomes unusable when the container is still 1/2 full. Please bring back the tube!
Great for women too (Posted on 10/8/14)
My husband and I both use this aftershave. I love how soft and smooth it makes my legs feel.
Great product (Posted on 10/7/14)
Both my husband and son have been using this product for years and this has kept their faces young looking and wrinkle free. I have to agree with some of the other reviews, your prices are expensive and you hardly ever offer free shipping, especially for loyal customers.
Been using this for years (Posted on 10/7/14)
First starting using KWA when it was the product used at Ocean Key Resort and have used it since. Can't say that nothing compares to it because this is all I've used and never cared to try anything else. Feels great on the face, smells great and you'll love it too!
Manly aftershave (Posted on 10/6/14)
My fiancée loves this product along with the great smell. I only got him the small trial size, and I know he will want more when it runs out. After reading the reviews though, it doesn't seem like others are happy with the decrease in larger size paired with a pump.
Why Change?? (Posted on 10/6/14)
I am extremely disappointed in KWA!! I have been a loyal customer for over 10 years, converting several friends to your products as well as purchasing products for my wife. When I received my last order of shave cream and after shave gel, I find two fewer ounces and the PUMP! While I understand price increases, this is the wrong way to do it. The pump does allow all the product to be used without removing it and shaking in your hand-resulting in expensive waste of a great product. Go back to the tube or I am going to find another product that is user friendly and I don't have to waste expensive product.
Great product (Posted on 10/6/14)
I like this gel its clean smelling and cools my skin after a shave.
ZELE Vieled Price Increase with an Unnecessary Pump (Posted on 10/6/14)
I've been a loyal Key West customer since the early 80's when I visited their store in Key West. And this product is the major reason why - a most excellent product. I use it - and re-order it - regularly. Liking it so even led to me buying other KW products sometimes: shave cream, face cleanser, moisturizers. Expensive, but all good. Here's why I'm giving the aftershave one star now. Not at all for the product quality, but to make a statement about the company's vieled price increase here. Maybe other "regulars" will chime in.

The "old" version came in an 8 ounce tube. The new version comes in 6 ounces and with this new feature (not!!) of a pump. Two oz. less but at the same price? That's a de facto price "increase" with absolutely no added benefit from this new pump.

Pumps don't "work" well, anyway, when you get near the bottom. Yeah, there's still the 2 oz travel size in a tube but that's not the point here. I'd prefer to forgo the pump and get my 2 ounces back. Bad move, KW Aloe!!
Phenomenal everyday product (Posted on 10/6/14)
I stumbled across Key West Aloe January of 1996 in a little store in Key West. I bought the shave cream and shave gel. It is truly an amazing product. When I finished this product I searched the internet and was able to find that you could purchase online. I have been a loyal customer ever since. I have also purchased for relatives around Christmas. The aloe in this product has been very helpful for my skin complexion. I have started using this on my entire face and ears each day and will going forward. My face is in excellent condition thanks to continued use of this Key West Aloe product. You cannot go wrong with this amazing product.
Zele (Posted on 8/25/13)
A dear friend brought me back som Zele 25 years ago and loved it, then it was discontinued..ugh and now it is available again....me happy!
Gel aftershave (Posted on 4/1/12)
I am a male, 60 yrs of age. My father recommended this product to me 20 yrs ago. I still have a 4 oz container of Green Gel from over 10 years ago and it is still great. It may not be intended for keeping away wrinkles but I use it under and around the sides of my eyes, careful not to get it too close to the eye, and I have little to no wrinkles. I look at least 10 yrs younger than I am. Great Product!!!
Best after shave (Posted on 2/25/12)
This is the best after shave anywhere! Have used Zele for I'll bet 20 years. Love it1 tony
Zele (Posted on 10/13/11)
I have used this for years. Has a great clean smell and soothing sensation after a shave.

Reminds me of the Keys

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