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What’s the best part of living in Florida? Random Beach Days! Whenever we feel the need for some extra vitamin D, we grab our bag full of beach essentials and head down to our local spot. While our bag is always packed are ready to go by the door, we know it can be easy to forget the essentials, especially when you’re here on vacation.

We’ve put together our beach bag essentials list to make your vacation stress and sunburn free! 

The perfect beach bag.

Beach Bag – It all starts with the perfect beach bag. Your bag needs to be big enough to fit all of your essentials, but not too big that it becomes too heavy to carry. Your bag should be water, sand, and sun resistant too. Look for a durable material like nylon or canvas because those will withstand any situation. If you can, we also suggest getting a bag with an attached coin purse. The little zipper pocket is a great place to store your id, cell phone and keys. 

Sunscreen  – While sunscreen is something you should be applying every day, when you go to the beach you have to take extra care to protect your skin. Make sure your sunscreen is broad spectrum, has an SPF of 15 or above (we suggest SPF 30), and is water-resistant. Don’t forget an SPF in your lip balm — you won’t like sunburned lips. Pro tip: We set a timer on our phone to remind us to reapply, every 80 minutes if we’re swimming and every two hours if we’re not.

Hat, Sunglasses, Umbrella – Sunscreen isn’t enough to protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. We always keep a floppy hat and sunglasses in our bag. These two items will give your face the extra protection it needs. A beach umbrella is also a must. While we love basking in the sun like the next person, but every now and then we crave a break from the powerful sun. An umbrella will give you a cool place to rest.

Reading Material – There are so many things to do at the beach. You can swim, play beach volleyball, and build sand castles. But just in case you get bored, we suggest bringing some reading material. Whether it’s your favorite book or your favorite glossy magazine, having something to read is a beach bag must! 

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Water & Snacks – We don’t know why, but a day at the beach takes a lot of energy. Even if you’re just sunbathing, a few hours in the sun can suck the energy right out of you. To fix this, we always keep a few water bottles and snacks in our bag. Our snacks of choice are Publix Subs, trail mix, and protein bars. If you have extra space if your car, we suggest putting your water and snacks in a cooler.

Towel & Baby Powder – We keep two towels in our bag. One for laying out on, the other to dry off with. We also keep baby power in our bag because it makes being sand free easy. When you’re almost ready to leave, sprinkle some baby powder on your skin. The powder will soak up any extra moisture left on your skin. After a few moments, wipe it away and voila! You’re now powder and sand free!

After Sun Products – Saltwater and the sun can really dry out your skin so it’s important to use an after sun product to refresh your skin. Our Save A Tan is the perfect solution. Not only will it restore moisture to your skin, it will also prevent peeling and preserve your tan.

Did we miss one of your beach bag essentials? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter! Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to get more tips and tricks.

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53 Replies to “Beach Bag Essentials”

  1. All my favorite products!!! Living in Maine makes it hard to do a beach day everyday- but I still enjoy all my KWA products when I do visit!!

  2. Never leave on vacation without your Aloe Vera!
    Discovered you guys hmm 2007 I think and always recommend your products to family and fellow travelers 🙂 We even brought it with us when we went to the UK. Yes we has some sunny days lol

  3. Recently discovered this brand about a year ago and I will never use another brand of sunscreen or aloe vera! Between the Sunsorb and Save A Tan, I’m set for life!

  4. Found Key West Aloe last year and have loved every product that I have used. So happy to have found you guys!! I share with everyone I know about your products!

  5. KW aloe Sunsorb 30 is the best sunscreen lotion I’ve ever used. It was recommended to me at the Duval St KW aloe store 2 years ago in July. When we go to KW we’re either walking or on bicycles or sitting outside somewhere people watching, so I need all the sunscreen protection, hats and long sleeves I can wear. Used the aloe max 100 gel this winter for dry skin, it’s not just for summer.
    Since that trip I have discovered the citrus aloe facial cleanser and am in love with the key lime bath gel, my husband got the key lime shampoo. I can highly recommend ordering by mail, it always comes beautifully wrapped in the box and the caps are taped down, just something extra they do.

  6. My must-have when I go to the beach is sunscreen and definitely lip balm (my lips get so dry in the sun). Also water, so I remain hydrated.

  7. Closest to the NJ beach. I try to remember everything but sometimes forget. But this combo would be absolutely perfect!

  8. Great article and good points. Love the information on what to look for in a beach bag. Most important what to pack so your ready for the sun

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