7 Reasons Florida is the Best

Like 20 million people, we are very lucky to call Florida home. And while Florida can be the punchline of many jokes (hello #Floridaman), we can’t help but be grateful to live in such wonderful place. Key West is our home city and Florida is our home state. All of our products are made not just in the USA, but in Florida, and not many people can say that. We’re proud of our home state and wanted to share with you 7 reason why Florida is the best!

  1. Every day is a beach day – We have some of the best weather in Florida. It’s always sunny and the temperature rarely drops below 70 degrees. Yes, sometimes the weathers can be a little hot but we wouldn’t trade it for anything
  2. You will never be bored – There are so many great things to do in Florida. It doesn’t matter where you are in the state, you can find something that will interest you. Do you like theme parks? Than Orlando is your city. Into beaches? We have 1,197 miles of coastline and, according to TripAdvisor seven of the top 10  beaches are located in Florida. Prefer less traveled swimming holes? There are many natural springs across the state you can dive into. No money, no problem – Florida offers tons of free events for you to enjoy outside.
  3. Publix – To a non-Floridan Publix looks like someone misspelled public. To a Floridian, Publix is the holy grail of grocery stores. The best cakes come from Publix, the best lemonade comes from Publix and don’t even get us started on Pub Subs.
  4. Delicious Food – Speaking of Pub Subs, Florida has the best food. Many fruits and vegetables are grown in Florida and the seafood is as fresh as it could be. Fun fact, Florida provides about 70% of the US’s oranges. In Florida, you can find fresh strawberries February – April, blueberries in April & May and tomatoes almost all year long.
  5. Rich History – If you’re looking for more historical substance then St. Augustine is where you’ll find it. As a child, our schools would bus us to the oldest city in the states to learn how the settlers lived and if we were lucky, we also got a glimpse of the Fountain of Youth. As an adult, there is still something magical about going back to this historical site.
  6. Sports Go Sports! – You can view almost any major sporting event in Florida. We have football, baseball, basketball, golf, soccer, NASCAR and even hockey. Nothing beats tailgating at one of your favorite sports and in Florida, you can actually do this – all year long.
  7. Key West – If none of the above reason convinced you of how awesome Florida is, then this last reason should. Key West is a unique island with a little something for everyone. Our home is rich in history stretching back to pre-colonial times. We have amazing festivals like Fantasy Fest and Brewfest,  shared our island with famous writers and presidents, have some of the best bars and food. If you could only visit one city in Florida, we would always recommend Key West.

We could write you a whole book about how Florida is the Best, but we didn’t want to take up your entire day. Did we miss your favorite reason Florida rocks? If so, leave a comment below or on Facebook or Instagram telling us why Florida in your favorite state.

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78 Replies to “7 Reasons Florida is the Best”

  1. Florida is just a magical place to be, especially if you’re not from there and plan on vacationing there. You mentioned theme parks and I absolutely agree! Epcot, Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom were my 3 favorite theme park experiences!

  2. I have never been there ..I live in Hawaii.. but I have friends who do and they love the weather .

  3. Key West is my favorite place in the world! Born and raised Jersey Girl who would move to Key West in a heartbeat! Also, a firm believer that a rainy day in Florida is better than you can imagine!

  4. Florida has clear, clean, and beautiful beaches. I love the food, too. There’s all sorts of diverse, tasty choices to choose from. Lastly, Florida has the best vegetation…love the tropical palms and plants.

  5. I lived in Florida for 24 years and it’s a beautiful place to live but due to the heat and health reasons I had to move to Tn. I still have family there.

  6. I was born and raised in the beautiful Florida sun and I could never even think about leaving the gorgeous beaches amazing flowers and the warm sunny weather year round. Some of my favorite things to do boating, swimming, tanning on the beach’s, camping and watching dolphins and sea turtles. My home always and forever

  7. Florida is great because of the weather and because of the beautiful beaches & sights! I also love all of the things to see and do there

  8. Grew up in Miami area….moved away after graduating! Family still lives there….love to visit….miss the Cuban food and the beaches! We just got back from Destin my nephew got married on the beach….was beautiful! White sand beaches and Emerald green water! 🙂

  9. The fact that you have Publix is a bonus right there. We moved to a tiny town after r house fire and have 1 small Walmart and IGA. Closest store to save money would be about 1-1/× hours away unfortunately. I think it’s great you love Florida and who better than to write about it

  10. Florida is amazing.. the weather is great, there are so many different activities and places to visit and see… the beaches are beautiful.. the water in the Keys is crystal clear… all the tropical trees and flowers are gorgeous.? best vacation destination…

  11. Florida is beautiful!!! The beaches are awesome, the animals are awesome, but the only thing I don’t like much is the humidity.

  12. I never had visited FL, but I live in SC and know all about Publix. SO AGREE! In fact, a lady I graduated with was high up in the company until several years ago when she unexpectedly passed away.

  13. At 67 I can say I have never been to Florida so I don’t know. BUT right this minute I have family there and they are having a blast. My sister in law and one of my nephews there for a wedding. And my great niece and her son are they just enjoying the beach.

  14. I love Florida, I was raised here. I love the weather and it’s like being on vacation all of the time.

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