Grand Opening of the Key West Fragrance and Cosmetic Factory Inc

Our roots go back to a single moment when Aloe Vera was applied to a sunburn in 1971, long before the term SPF was invented. It worked so well on burned skin, we wondered what it could do continuously for healthy skin? Key West Aloe was born.

Key West Aloe
May 3, 1977

Governor Names Joe Liszka to U.S. Small Business

Florida Governor Bob Graham selected Joe Liszka to serve as an official delegate to the Small Business Council

Key West Aloe
December 09,1979

Fire at the Key West Fragrance and Cosmetic Factory

The Key West Fragrance and Cosmetic Factory on Greene Street suffered fire, smoke and water damage. It took almost two hours to put out.

Key West Aloe
April 26, 1980

One Who Got Away...

From the handsome charismatic model for KWA's men line to a Hollywood breakthrough. Key West Aloe's own Mr. K'West becomes a CBS movie star.

Key West Aloe
June 11, 1982

Educational Foundation Gift

Joe Liszka & Frank Romano donate $1,200 to the Florida Keys Educational Foundation, Inc.

Key West Aloe
March 27, 1983

Romano Again Elected to Board of Directors

Frank won re-election to the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association's board of directorys!

Key West Aloe
July 03, 1988

18 years in Key West and Counting!

Key West Aloe annonces a new facorty in Florida City!

Key West Aloe
November, 1989

Key West Aloe Sponsoring Salt Pond Brochures

KWA helps purchased 15 acres of critical wildlife habatitat

Key West AloetimeLine-1991-May-12
May 12, 1991

Key West Aloe Launches Equus

Frank & Jose announce the newest men's fragrance - Equus

Key West Aloe
December 15, 1991

Frank Romano Celebrates his 75th Birthday

Everyone was invited to celebrate Frank's 75th birthday

Key West Aloe
August, 1997

Liszka named Humanitarian of the Year

After years of involvement with civic and charitable organization, Jose Liszka was named Humanitarian of the Year.

Key West Aloe
November 09, 2003